The Unbearable Lightness General The Basics Of Track Cycling By Marty Nothstein

The Basics Of Track Cycling By Marty Nothstein

The Basics Of Track Cycling By Marty Nothstein post thumbnail image

Track cycling is a unique sport, with different bikes and skills than road cycling plus a track cycling race is a sprint, where riders compete in races on specially built indoor tracks.
The events that make up the bulk of the competition are individual sprints, team sprints such as two riders per team, keirin known as a mass start race, omnium- a multi-discipline event and kilo which is an all-out time trial.
Getting Started On The Track
● Wear a helmet and make sure it fits properly
● Bring water, food, and any other gear you might need for a long ride
● Find a safe place to ride that has good visibility from passing cars or pedestrians
Track Riding Positions And Technique
When you’re riding a track bike, there are several positions that you can use and the most common is the road position where your body leans forward over the handlebars and arms are in full stretched in front of you.
This allows for quick acceleration and speed but makes it difficult to see what’s happening around you, so this position isn’t ideal for group riding or racing on city streets.
The track position per se by Marty Nothstein puts riders in a more upright position with their hands resting on their thighs or holding onto clip-on bars.
This gives them better control over their bikes while also allowing them to see farther ahead than they would if they were hunched over their handlebars like road cyclists do. It’s similar to how marathon runners run with their heads up when running long distances because it allows them to breathe better.
Racing Tactics and Strategies for Track Cycling Cyclists
Marty Nothstein Racing tactics and strategies are the keys to success in track cycling and knowing your competitors, strengths and weaknesses will help you to compete on an even footing with them.
Also knowing the race distance, format and conditions will give you an advantage over others who do not know these things.
Knowledge of the track is essential for winning races; this includes knowing where to place yourself on the track during a race so that when riders come up behind or pass by there’s space for them to go around safely without crashing into each other this happens sometimes.

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